Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Built-in Philistinehood

I've been working on A Very Special Mr. Writing Person, so I hadn't planned on doing a follow-up this week. However, one of my dear readers, "pabo," asked a very good question that allows me to address a very sad fact of existence. It was time the rest of you knew.

Q. I really like most of your suggestions and have tried to apply everything you've taught me into my writing. I've been disappointed because I'm writing a thesis which takes up way too much of my time to be able to write anything else and the last couple of weeks did not apply at all in this process. However when I saw that this week was about bombastic castigation I knew that this could help me graduate sooner. Unfortunately my advisor took his castigation as extremely threatening and threatened me in return with kicking me out of school if I didn't shape up soon. I'm beginning to feel that your advice is not as sound as I first thought when I started reading your blog and have since found many of your critics (the main one seems to call himself anonymous) may have some good points. How do you respond to those (my advisor is among them) that may say that your advice is less than worthy?

A. That's a great question. Unfortunately, you can't. Some people are fundamentally illiterate Philistines, and not the transient type like you and I used to be. It's built into them like an integrated graphics card, and it's never coming out.

I suggest you find a new advisor and new critics.


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